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Snow Squall Warning

Snow squalls are expected to develop. Under the snow squall bands, visibilities will be significantly reduced due to the heavy snow combined with blowing snow, and snow will quickly accumulate.

Lake effect flurries have formed to the southeast of Lake Huron. Conditions remain favourable for snow squalls to develop tonight evening in the stiff and cold northerly flow off of Lake Huron.

The snow squalls may extend quite far inland at times tonight, likely crossing Highway 402 in areas near and west of Strathroy and possibly extending across Highway 401 between Dutton and Chatham.

Local snowfall amounts of 15 cm are possible in the strongest snow squalls, along with sudden whiteout conditions in blowing snow and bursts of heavy snow.

Snow squalls cause weather conditions to vary considerably; changes from clear skies to heavy snow within just a few kilometres are common. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow. Road closures are possible.

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