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Schools Receiving $1.4 Billion for Repairs and Renewal This Year

New Fund Invests $200 Million of Cap and Trade Proceeds to Make Schools Greener, Better Places to Learn Ontario's investment to repair school buildings and improve student experiences includes $200 million this year from the new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). As part of its Climate Change Action Plan, the province is allocating $200 million worth of cap and trade proceeds to launch the fund for schools across the province to install energy-efficient building elements such as new windows, lights and furnaces, which will help improve student health and fight climate change. Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education, were at Cedarvale Community School in Toronto today to announce that Ontario will spend $1.4 billion on school renewal and repairs this year, which includes the $200 million GGRF. The GGRF will support retrofit projects that reduce energy use in schools. These projects will benefit students by creating a healthier and more comfortable learning environment and building a low-carbon province in which they can thrive. Ontario is committed to helping every child get off to a good start in life and have the opportunity to reach their potential. In addition to investing a total of $1.4 billion this year to make schools better places to learn, Ontario is investing in increasing access to affordable, quality licensed child care, making prescription medications free for everyone 24 years of age and younger through OHIP+ and transforming the Ontario Student Assistance Program to make average tuition free for more than 210,000 students and reduce the cost for many more. 

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