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Wanted Man Tasered

On June 12, 2017, at approximately 9:00 am, officers from the Sarnia Police Service COPPS Unit attended an address on Grove Avenue in the City of Sarnia regarding a male party wanted on outstanding warrants from the Chatham-Kent area. At this time officers observed a vehicle pull into the address on Grove Avenue and the wanted male exit the vehicle. As the suspect walked to the house officers called out to him to stop. The suspect then began to run from the officers and dashed into the residence and then out of the home, over fences and through yards as officers continued to follow. Officers were able to corner the suspect who had now picked up a tree limb that was three feet long and several inches in diameter. The suspect squared off with the officers with the tree limb and was then tasered. During this event the accused dropped the tree limb but was able to flee from police when the taser lost its effect. Another short pursuit began but the suspect was again stopped, while on foot, and as officers attempted to gain control of him a struggle ensued. He was finally brought under control and arrested. The suspect was placed in the back seat of a police cruiser where he continued to act aggressively by yelling and screaming and spitting all over the back of the cruiser. Kyle Wright-Morgan, 26 years of age, remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing due to his new charges in Sarnia, which are: 1) Three counts of resist a peace officer 2) Mischief over $5000.00 3) Assault with a weapon Once this matter has been dealt with in Sarnia, Kyle Wright-Morgan will also have to face the charges from Chatham-Kent. 

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