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Jesse Cook Coming To Imperial Theatre

In anticipation of Jesse's new album release Beyond Borders due out late August 2017, Jesse is embarking on a wide reaching Canadian and USA tour. The Imperial Theatre is pleased to present him once again on our stage as part of this tour.

Jesse Cook has a wide range of musical tastes. Of his style he has said ...." My strange way of playing guitar is a hybrid of styles. I was a classical guitarist as a kid and I studied flamenco and then I studied jazz. So there are three musical and guitar traditions in my background. And one of the forms I use, rumba flamenco, is itself a hybrid created in the 1800's when sailors were coming back to Spain from Cuba, having heard these Cuban rythms. And here I am, 150 years later, taking it and mixing back with modern music and seeing where it takes me. Music is a constantly evolving thing ! "

Tickets go on sale Wednesday June 28 9:00 am On-Line 11:00 In Person and by Phone.

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