Paying It Forward

On May 23, 2017, Rita Smith, from Sarnia, turned in an envelope containing over $1000.00 in cash and pieces of information that could be used to identify an owner. Rather than hold onto to the money and destroy all forms of evidence she did the right thing and turned the money in to see if the owner could be located. From there the investigating officer was able to determine the true owner of the money.

Members of the Sarnia Police Service were so overcome with the honesty and kindness shown by Mrs. Smith that individual officers gave towards a donation for the Inn of the Good Shepherd on behalf of Rita Smith.

On June 28, 2017, Myles Vanni (from the Inn of the Good Shepherd) along with Chief Phil Nelson, Constable Bert Sparling (the investigating officer), and Rita Smith, and met at the Inn of the Good Shepherd to hand over the money. Much to the surprise of the officers, Rita was kind enough to match the donation made on her behalf with that of her own for $100.00 as well.

Therefore the total amount handed over to the Inn was $200.00. Rita asked one favour from the citizens of Sarnia and that is too take time to donate to the Inn of the Good Shepherd and help a good cause with whatever amount they can. In short keep paying it forward!

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