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Taking Advantage Of The Vulnerable

On July 18, 2017, between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm, two separate residents in the central area of Sarnia, were taken advantage of. Both residents were elderly and vulnerable.

In both cases the male party was described as being unkempt, with a thin build, early 20’s and clean shaven.

The first incident that occurred on July 18, 2017, occurred in the area of East Street and London Road. The resident advised police that the male described above attend her door claiming he had injured his arm and needed assistance. She had allowed him to use a portable landline phone as he stood outside. She then returned inside to get him something to drink and when she returned he had left the area with the phone.

The second incident occurred in the area of London Road and MacKenzie Street. The male in question attended the residence claiming he had injured his arm and required assistance. The resident was able to recall that this person having attended her residence at an earlier date making the same claim. At that time the male attended the residence and told her he had also injured his arm and required money to get to the hospital. At that time the resident did give him $20. Fortunately, she was able to recall this person from the previous incident and when she told him that she remembered him from the prior time he immediately left the area on foot.

This individual has not been violent or threatening in any way but it does appear he is attempting to take advantage of people for either their money or property. If anyone does know who this person is they are please asked to contact the Sarnia Police Service and speak to Detective Jeff Rovers at 519-344-8861, extension 6159.

It is always concerning when individuals take advantage of anyone but more alarming when the possible victims are vulnerable. If you do not know who the person at the door is or are concerned avoid opening the door. We are also asking neighbours to keep an eye out for their fellow neighbours especially if you feel that they may be vulnerable to these sorts of incidents. As well, we are asking family members to keep an eye on your loved ones and remind them to be careful and on guard.

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