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Police Reminding Public To Lock It Or Lose It

The Sarnia Police Service would like to remind individuals to secure their property. Unfortunately, with the nice weather individuals who take advantage of unlocked doors and windows to both homes and vehicles tend to increase their activities of stealing. As of late, officers have been responding to an increased number of thefts that could have been avoided. Home owners have been leaving garage doors and windows insecure and criminals have been taking advantage of these opportunities. The thieves have been taking tools, bicycles, and other items. Also, homes are not immune to break and enters and by not ensuring that your property has been secured, someone may take advantage of an opportunity. Please consider installing light sensors that would be activated in the areas of doors and windows. If the light does turn on and you are aware of it, take the time to check it out. Also ensure that the area around your house is clear of clutter and over grown plants and trees. This will help minimize where individuals could lurk in the shadows. Do not leave your garage door open fully on a regular basis. This allows possible thieves to take note of what you may have worth taking from your garage. Notify your neighbor if you are going to be away to look out for your residence and property. Have timers for indoor lights. Don’t tell everyone over social media that you are or will be away for you do not know who may be “creeping” you.  

These are just some measures one can take to minimize the risk of someone breaking into your property.

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