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Water Your Trees

To help ensure the survival of local trees, the Parks and Recreation Department asks residents to water trees on their property to prevent them from dying.

The lack of July rain has left Sarnia in drought conditions, especially in the north end of the City which has sandy soil conditions.

Staff are particularly concerned about trees located on the boulevard, the municipal portion of land between residents’ property and the road, many of which are at risk of survival.

The optimal method for watering trees is to allow the water to trickle at a slower rate for a longer period of time (approximately half an hour by hose). This allows the water to penetrate deeper into the roots and avoids water runoff on the dry surface.

“Young, smaller trees (approximately three years and younger), are highly susceptible to drought because of their shallow, undeveloped root systems,” explains Chuck Toth, Supervisor, Horticulture & Arboriculture.

Patti Ross, Manager of Parks, Forestry and Horticulture or 519-332-0527 ext. 3801

Chuck Toth, Supervisor, Horticulture & Arboriculture 519-332-0527 Ext. 3802

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