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Motor Vehicle Collision

On August 14, 2017, around 1:30 PM, a vehicle travelling south on East Street entered into the northbound lane to pass two south facing vehicles stopped at the red light at Wellington Street. The vehicle failed to stop at the red light at Wellington Street. The vehicle then collided with an eastbound vehicle on Wellington Street. Both vehicles were severely damaged.

The driver of the eastbound vehicle was transported to Bluewater Health by EMS for treatment of undetermined injuries.

The 24 year old female driver of the southbound vehicle was found to be acting in a bizarre manner displaying quick and uncontrolled body movements accompanied by uncontrolled screaming. Police found her to be uncooperative.

The driver was arrested and subsequently charged with dangerous driving and impaired (by drug) driving. While at the police station holding cells awaiting a bail hearing, the female caused water damage to the cells resulting in an additional charge of mischief over $5000.

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