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Pharmacy Robbery

On the 22nd of August 2017, a male party wearing a black hooded zip up sweater entered the Northgate Pharmacy located in the 500 block of Exmouth Street armed with a large knife demanding Fentanyl and cash. The male party is described as a light skinned male anywhere from 5’6” to 5’10” in height. The male is described as having a thin build. The hooded sweatshirt is marked with a white skeleton on the outside. He was wearing dark pants and blue shoes. The male party exited the store and fled the scene in a smaller dark pick-up towards Capel street. Police later recovered the vehicle in the 900 block of Colborne Road. Several hundred dollars comprised mostly of 50’s and 20’s were taken from the cash register as well as anywhere from 15 – 20 boxes of Fentanyl. The brands of the Fetanyl were TEVA and Sardoza. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Soucek #191 at 519-344-8861 ext #6191 or Detective Kent Jamieson ext # 6221.

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