Serious Vehicle Collision

This morning Sarnia Police Service General Patrol officers responded to a collision involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian at Afton Drive and Murphy Road, at approximately 7:10 am. A 63 year old male pedestrian was transported to hospital with unknown injuries. North bound Murphy Road was closed to traffic from Kensington Blvd. to Afton Drive from the time of the collision until 12:00 noon as members of the Sarnia Police Service Traffic Division investigated the scene. At this time the investigating officer is requesting the public’s assistance. If anyone witnessed the collision they are please asked to contact Constable Mark Berger of the Traffic Division at 519-344-8861 (extension 6156). Another concern that arose secondary to this collision was the simple fact that drivers were circumventing road closed signs, barricades and police cruisers. Drivers were heading into the northbound lanes to travel southbound. The investigating officer counted seven incidents where he had to stop his investigation to deal with these drivers. Not only were the drivers affecting the scene of the collision but they were also endangering the lives of officers and other individuals in the area. Please obey road closed signs, barricades and cruisers. They are there for a reason. We realize that this is an inconvenience, but we must ensure the safety of all involved and protect any evidence at the scene. Drivers could face a fine of $110 for “driving on a closed highway” or for “disobey sign”. Drivers can also be subject to re-examination of their license. 

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