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99km/h in a 50km/h Zone

A 17 year old male high school student from Sarnia has been fined for Speeding after being caught travelling 49km/h over the speed limit.

On September 7th, 2017, an Officer with the Sarnia Police Service Traffic Division had set up radar in the area of Indian Road North and Cathcart Boulevard in response to complaints of cars speeding in the area during after school hours.

Just prior to 3pm, the Officer witnessed a northbound vehicle on Indian Road travelling at high rate of speed while changing lanes without signaling. This vehicle was clocked at nearly double the speed limit and safely stopped by the officer.

As a result, the driver was charged with Speeding and fined $359.00. This fine also carries 4 demerit points upon conviction. The driver was also charged with Fail to Signal – Lane Change and fined $110.00 which carries 2 demerit points on conviction.

The Sarnia Police Service would like to remind motorists to please slow down and obey speed limits, especially in school zone areas and when passing parked school buses that are loading and off-loading students. As a secondary reminder, motorists must not pass stopped school buses that have red lights flashing and the STOP arm activated. This offence carries a fine of $490.00 and a gain of 6 demerit points. The fine can also be issued directly to the owner of the vehicle if the driver cannot be identified.

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