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Mother and Daughter Both Charged in an Impaired Driving Incident

On September 16, 2017, at approximately 2:25 am, an officer on general patrol observed a pick-up truck northbound on East Street with no tail lights on. As the officer continued to follow the vehicle it observed the vehicle come to a stop at a red light and then proceed straight through the red light. The officer initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle in the area of Nelson Street. The vehicle then mounted a curb and was parked in the front yard of a residence which ended up being the driver’s home.

The driver exited the vehicle and began to walk away. The officer yelled out to the driver and told her to stop at which point the driver threw her keys at another female who exited from the passenger’s seat.

The driver finally acknowledged the police officer and stated that she would co-operate. At this point the female passenger, who ended up being the daughter of the driver, confronted the officer yelling at him and telling him “you’re not taking my mother”. The mother then told the daughter not to interfere but the 19 year old daughter continued to attempt to block the officer and physically prevented him from dealing with the mother.

Finally, the officer arrested the daughter for obstruct police. Once the young lady was placed in custody the officer was able to continue his investigation with the suspected impaired driver.

The driver was finally arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle and transported to the station to supply a sample of breath into an Intoxilyzer which indicated that the accused was over the legal limit.

The 57 year old female driver from Sarnia was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, driving with more than 80mg of alcohol in her blood, and breaching her undertaking.

The 19 year old female passenger was charged with obstruct a peace officer.

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