OHIP Covers Annual Eye Exam For Ages 20 and Younger

As the new school year begins, Ontario is reminding parents to make an optometry appointment for their children.

Eighty per cent of classroom learning is visual. An annual comprehensive eye exam can identify vision problems and treatment options to help students reach their full potential. Children who have trouble seeing can encounter difficulties at school because their motor skills, social development, attention span and ability to read, write and learn may be affected.

Some conditions such as lazy eye are most effectively treated at a young age. The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends that every child have their first eye exam at 6 months of age to ensure proper vision development, again at 2 to 3, and subsequently every year thereafter.

Contact your optometrist if you have concerns about your child's vision or notice any of the following behaviour:

  • Does not make eye contact

  • Closes or covers one eye

  • Squints or frowns when looking far or near

  • Rubs or touches their eye(s) a lot

  • Blinks more than usual

  • Reacts strongly to light

  • Turns or tilts head when viewing objects

  • Trips, falls or bumps into things often.

To ensure your child gets the best start to learning, Ontario is encouraging parents to schedule their child's annual eye exam at the beginning of each school year. OHIP covers annual eye exams by an optometrist or physician for anyone under the age of 20.

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