Collision at Modeland and Lakeshore

On October 3, 2017, at approximately 3:45 pm, members of the Sarnia Police Service Traffic Unit and General Patrol Officers responded to a collision at the intersection of Lakeshore Road and Modeland Road. According to information received from witnesses two vehicles were stopped on Lakeshore Road, at the intersection, one facing eastbound and waiting to make a turn left and head north on Modeland Road while the other vehicle was facing westbound and proceeding to turn left and head south on Modeland Road. The third vehicle, a motorcycle, was travelling eastbound on Lakeshore. According to witnesses the motorcycle was behind the vehicle facing eastbound and waiting to turn left. The motorcycle was then observed, by witnesses, turn out to the right hand side onto the shoulder and accelerate into the intersection. As the motorcycle enters the intersection the car facing westbound is turning left to head south on Modeland Road and is t-boned by the motorcycle. The 18 year old driver of the motorcycle sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital. According to information received no one else sustained injuries. Currently the collision is still under investigation and any charges are pending. 

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