“Councillor Cindy Scholten Not Seeking Re Election”

Official statement from Cindy Scholten

“To the people of Sarnia, it is at this time that I declare I will not be seeking re-election. Your support has been tremendous. It has been an honor to serve my City and hold the seat of City Councillor for the City of Sarnia.”

“I am confident with my achievements for the city. I acted upon, and followed through with my campaign strategies. I promised to advance the public consultation process to encourage more informed decision making through online platforms and surveys. I promised to implement new online technology and utilise my marketing and communication skills to enhance dated City procedures. I promised to support local businesses and developers and speed up the application process. I promised to work with council and staff to ensure a healthy and informed community.”

Highlights: “As Councillor I provided service to the community as a Council Appointed Member of the Age Friendly Steering Committee, Chair of the Police Services Review Committee, Chair of the Procedural By Law Committee and continued Member of the Board of Directors for the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority.”

“In September 2015 I successfully moved that Sarnia City Council adopt guiding principles as the foundation for a Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Policy with the intent that new revenue generated through these sponsorships be allocated towards establishing and/or improving our programs, services and facilities. The final terms of this Policy were passed in September 2016.”

“In my first two years I successfully pushed for the creation of a Communications and Engagement Strategy for the City of Sarnia. Council gave final approval to this Strategy in October 2017. This also included the new Social Media Policy, Media Relations Policy and the Public Engagement Policy. These policies resulted in the first ever Communications point person on City staff, a new online engagement platform (that will be shared within all departments, ‘www.smartsarnia.com’: “City of Sarnia Public Input, people serving people”), and widespread engagement with the citizens of Sarnia through Facebook and Twitter and SmartSarnia.ca.” 1 “City Council is now much more accessible to the citizens of Sarnia. In 2016 I successfully moved that Sarnia City Council meetings be live video streamed and that staff investigate electronic voting systems and technology for use during council meetings. Council meeting videos and archives are now available for viewing on the City of Sarnia website. Further to the live videos,(at the request of citizens), I successfully championed to have all Council Meeting attendance records available to the public which are also found on the City of Sarnia website. “During my time on council I stayed connected to our City’s Realtors, Developers, Investors and Business People, discussing their experience with the City regarding proposed fees and application processes. I successfully campaigned for faster turnaround times with applications. In 2015 I moved, with councils support, that the we adopt the Fast Track Planning Application Protocol, which was effective immediately.” “My time as member of the Board of Directors of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority was very significant. I worked with the Board and Conservation staff on many issues. In November of 2015 I moved successfully, that the Board receive the final copy of the Shoreline Management Plan for immediate review to finalise the plan and remove the Draft Status. Removing the draft made it immediately possible for local developers (who were handcuffed at the time due to the Draft status) to move forward with their permits and applications, and gave them full use of the online mapping system. I successfully championed to have new, redesigned, safer beach steps put in place leading from Kenwick Park down the beach and I pushed for monies to be allocated to Shoreline Protection. Today, no less than $500,000 is allocated each year to Shoreline Protection Reserve (where much credit is due to the diligence and foresight of our late Andre Morin, Director of Engineering).” “Among my many accomplishments, challenges and requests, the most desireable task was meeting with individual community members, community groups and children. I will always remember my time at the Bright’s Grove School, with the young leaders of the Pathfinders, and the kindness sent to me from Lakeroad Public School. I accepted their challenge of “Secret Kindness Agent” by high fiving everyone in my path and planting something new into the earth this year! I am sad to say that I was unable to help everyone that came to me with their concerns, but I tried hard. I always ensured their voices were heard at Council and their problems were attended to with staff.” “My time on Council brought its challenges, triumphs and joys. I have always found personal joy in serving others. At this time however, I have made the difficult decision to focus on my career. I set out on a path four years ago, to modernise and strengthen the future of our City. I believe with the combined vision and dedication of council, that we have set that path. It is now time for me to focus on strengthening my future and devote more time to my personal work. I will always be an advocate for the people of Sarnia and will do my best to contribute to our community in other ways moving forward.” 2 “I wish to thank my fellow Councillors. I believe the pressures put on us during this term were unusual for a Municipal Government. Through it all we worked together and remained open minded, determined to get business taken care of and made decisions together that would protect future councils, staff and general members of our community. I do not feel any other Council in the future of the City of Sarnia, will ever endure the special challenges that we faced. It was an honor to serve with you all and to serve the people of Sarnia.” Contact: Councillor Cindy Scholten Cell: 905 536 1858 Email: cindy.scholten@sarnia.ca Personal Email: cindy.scholten007@gmail.com Address: 1321 Sweden St. Sarnia ON,N7V 3V9 

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