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Dave Boushy Seeking Re-election

Statement from Dave Boushy 

I am a former MPP for Sarnia-Lambton. I am your current City/County Councillor for Sarnia.

My experience will help prevent major risks and problems that could result in heavy expenditures to taxpayers.

We should keep the taxes down! My experience on Sarnia City and County Council and as MPP gives me the critical experience to bring our city positive and forthright leadership, steady leadership and balanced leadership.

Sincerity, honesty and integrity are key issues . With time, issues change but the person's integrity do not. You have to look at the candidates and their record.

When people sit down to consider who they will vote for, they consider whether the individual can be trusted, to act in a sincere way and in the best interest of the community. The right decisions regarding social and economic issues depend on a genuine desire to serve the community. I believe the majority of people have faith in what I do.

I believe that "PEOPLE COME FIRST." I believe to be the voice of the people. I believe that we should declare Sarnia open for business.

Our community has a lot to offer: Moving ahead - Commercial companies and Industrial Companies have started to expand. They are the blood of the community. We should take advantage and make every effort to support them and push for economic growth resulting in more, well paying jobs.

During council's last term, Council in-fighting did not shine a bright light on our community, rather it killed the vitality of our great city. We have to get back to fundamental common sense leadership, with everyone working together for what is best for the community. 

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