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Sarnia Municipal Election Results For 2018

The unofficial election results are as follows: MAYOR Mike Bradley 16238 Anne Marie Gillis 7569 Kip Cuthbert 592 Fred Ingham 397 CITY/COUNTY COUNCILLOR Dave Boushy 11561 Mike Stark 9723 Brian White 8462 Margaret Bird 8206 Bev MacDougall 7878 Andy Bruziewicz 7103 Graham Pedregosa 6785 Al Duffy 5588 Ian A. J. Hope 4469 Norm Francoeur 3715 Cole Anderson 3595 John Parker 2341 CITY COUNCILLOR Bill Dennis 8038 Terry Burrell 6231 Nathan Colquhoun 5846 George Vandenberg ​​5604 Meghan Reale 5492 Michelle Nicole Parks 5189 Joseph Thomas Santoro 4664 Matt Mitro 4140 Susan Theresa MacFarlane 4019 David Waters 3500 Eric Dalziel 3298 Melody Gibson 3066 Gail M White 2800 John MacIntyre 2359 Dave Potts 2313 Bryan Trothen 2296 Joe Hill 2040 Marie Timperley 1930 Janet Chynces 1800 Steve Blair 1754 Denise Robertson 1464 Peter Athanasopoulos 1350 Gregory Jones 1268 Bill (Hawk) Hawkins 1126 Dan Joseph Harding 1035 Matthew R J McDonald 927 M.B. Villanueva Jr. 602 Fanina Kodre 211 TRUSTEE - LAMBTON-KENT DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (Including Point Edward) Brittany Jenkins 9047 Jack Fletcher 8167 Dave Douglas 6585 Wayne Lelland Pease 5113 Donnie Wells 4653 TRUSTEE - ST. CLAIR CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (Including Point Edward) Jennifer McCann 2917 Linda Ward 2881 Adam Roop 1848 TRUSTEE - CONSEIL SCOLAIRE VIAMONDE - (FRENCH LANGUAGE PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD) Pierre Lambert ACCLAIMED TRUSTEE - CONSEIL SCOLAIRE CATHOLIQUE PROVIDENCE (FRENCH LANGUAGE SEPARATE SCHOOL BOARD) We have been advised that a number of municipalities within the French Language Separate School Board will not have unofficial results until October 23rd due to technical difficulties. Therefore the City of Sarnia is unable to report results until the full results are received. For more information please visit the election page on the City’s website:

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