Lambton College Launches New Online Program Designed to Provide Management Training to Tradespeople

Lambton College is one of only three provincial colleges who have launched a new online business program that teaches management and entrepreneurial skills to certified tradespeople who are looking to run their own businesses. “Lambton College has tremendous expertise in skilled trades training, and a strong track record of highly successful online program offerings. We are thrilled to be one of the first colleges to offer this innovative program to tradespeople looking to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills and grow their businesses,” said Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. The new online business trades diploma is the first of its kind in Ontario. It is currently available through OntarioLearn for students who enroll through Lambton, Algonquin College in Ottawa, or Canadore College in North Bay. The program is likely to be expanded and available system-wide next year. The completion program is available to tradespersons who possess a certificate of qualification. It allows them to develop business-related supervisory, management and entrepreneurial skills that are necessary to planning and managing a business. The flexible program design allows tradespeople to complete their program on a part-time basis. Ontario’s colleges continue to champion measures to allow more people to enrol in apprenticeship training and to successfully complete their programs. For example, colleges are encouraging the government to create a one-window application service to apprenticeship training by expanding the provincial application service for college students to include apprentices. “Producing a more highly qualified workforce for the skilled trades is a top priority in Ontario,” said Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario. “We’re delighted that the province’s colleges are continuing to pursue innovative and effective ways to help more people find rewarding careers in the trades. We look forward to working with Colleges Ontario to help realize maximum success.” For more information, go to

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