Sarnia Police “Momo Challenge” UPDATE!

The Sarnia Police Service has recently put forth a media release pertaining to the “Momo Challenge” and the concern it had regarding the possible threat of the pop-up add being opened and in turn creating an opportunity for the computer owner’s information to be hacked along with the fact it goes on over time challenging the person to commit certain acts. Since the initial media release it has been brought to our attention, along with other information, that the “Momo Challenge” is likely a hoax. The concern that remains is that this matter still runs the risk of potentially affecting individuals who maybe, for whatever reason, vulnerable to this sort of alleged hoax. Unfortunately, everyday people are taken advantage of through various scams and hoaxes that prey on individuals which in turn may lead to money be lost or harm be done. As the police erring on the side of caution rather than simply ignoring a possible threat makes more sense. Thanks to the public’s help in this matter we were able to make more sense of what this is all about. Please remind those around you of what is out there and regardless of it being a hoax or not there is always potential harm that can be done. Constable Giovanni Sottosanti Media Officer Tel: 519-344-8861 Ext 6168 Email: 

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