Sarnia Fire Rescue Service Responds To 2 High Rise Apartment Fires

SARNIA (March 12, 2019) on Tuesday March 12, 2019, Sarnia Fire Rescue Services (SFRS) responded to 2 separate fires in highrise apartment buildings.

Just after 11:00AM Sarnia Fire Rescue responded to the report of a stove fire at 1285 Sandy lane. Firefighters responded quickly to find one occupant in the unit. The fire was extinguished and firefighters used positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke from the apartment. There were no injuries to report. Just before 4:00PM Sarnia Fire Rescue Services responded to a second fire in an apartment building at 810 Trillium Park. Firefighters quickly responded and found a fire in the garbage dumpster. The fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinkler system. SFRS firefighters removed the garbage bin and ventilated the smoke from the building. There were no injuries to report. At this time there is no official cause or any damage estimates for either fire.

Sarnia Fire Rescue wants to remind everyone to always pay attention while cooking. The second fire also shows the effectiveness of properly working fire sprinklers. 

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