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Changes to Recycling and Yard Waste Collection Begins July 1

Starting July 1, 2019, yard waste and recyclables will no longer be collected in plastic bags.

Residents can still recycle paper, glass, aluminum, and plastics coded 1-6 (except plastic bags). Set out recyclables for collection in a blue bin up to 32 gallons/ 121 litres. Blue boxes can be purchased for $7.00 at City Hall and at Public Works. Bagged recyclable materials will not be collected.

Yard waste includes leaves, grass, and garden waste. Set out yard waste for collection in paper bags or open containers marked on two sides with an “X” on both sides. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected. Brush collection remains the same.

Residents are encouraged to mulch or compost garden waste as an environmentally friendly alternative to bagging waste.

“The City of Sarnia has transitioned to mulching leaves at all City parks, even at Oak Acres Park which has hundreds of mature oak trees. Mulching improves grass quality, protects trees, and helps prevent weeds from growing. We have seen great mulching success in our parks,” explains Patti Ross, Manager of Parks, Forestry & Horticulture.

For more information please visit, email, or call 519-332-0330. Download the Recycle Coach app in Google Play or in the App store.

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