Kathleen Street Arson

On April 12, 2019, at approximately 2:50 pm, Sarnia Police Service General Patrol Officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Kathleen Avenue. Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a person who resided in one of the units at the complex. Upon arrival officers noticed a broken window to the side of a man door. Officers began to knock on the door and attempted to call out to any possible occupants but were met with no answer. Officers then began to notice black smoke within the residence through the broken window. Officers immediately breached the door out of concern for safety for any possible occupants. Within a short matter of time the officers were faced with a fire beginning to rage out of control. They then began evacuating surrounding units to ensure public safety. Witnesses were able to advise police that a male was seen running from the unit that was set on fire. Fortunately, officers were in the area searching for the individual as per the information forwarded to them. An officer located the suspect at approximately 3:25 pm in the area of Carleton place and Ross Street. Ultimately, the suspect was arrested without incident. It was determined that no one else was in the unit during the fire and all other surrounding units were either empty or evacuated, avoiding any injuries. The accused, Brandon Lee Williams, 25 years of age, faces one count of arson for disregard of human life, four counts of arson for damage to property, and one count of breach of probation. Williams remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing. Constable Giovanni Sottosanti Media Officer Tel: 519-344-8861 Ext 6168 Email: 168@police.sarnia.on.ca 

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