Two Brothers Assault Security At A Local Drinking Establishment

On the evening of April 18, 2019, two brothers, both from out of province, were at a local drinking establishment located in 1900 block of Murphy Road. At some point during their attendance a security person had cut them off from drinking at which point they became verbally upset but left the building without incident after being asked to. Later on that night, at approximately 11:47 pm, several security personnel at the bar were at a side entrance. At this time the brothers approached the threshold of the doorway. The brothers attempted to enter but were prevented by one of the security personnel. At this time a fight began with the two brothers attacking the door man by punching him a number of times. From there other security personnel attempted to help at which point one of the brothers drew a knife that was on his person. The brother with the knife was wielding the knife and caused lacerations on one of security personnel. Another employee attempted to assist and was also struck but was able to knock the knife from the suspects hand and bring him under control. The other brother without the knife was also brought under control. Officers arrived a short time later and took the two suspects into custody. The two brothers were charged with the following: 1) Jeremy James O’Brien, 33 years of age, of Nova Scotia, faces two counts of assault and one count of failing to comply with recognizance. 2) Kevin Wayne O’Brien, 37 years of age, of Nova Scotia, faces two counts of assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, carrying a concealed weapon, assault, and five counts of failing to comply with recognizance. One of the security officers required medical attention for the knife wounds he received while the other two only received minor injuries and bruises. The two brothers were held for a bail hearing. Constable Giovanni Sottosanti Media Officer Tel: 519-344-8861 Ext 6168 Email:

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