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Obey Road Signs

On June 10, 2019, at approximately 9:00 am, a Sarnia Police Officer was stationed in a police vehicle, with emergency lights running, at the intersection of Christina Street and Lite Street to block north bound traffic as construction took place along Christina Street. Barricades were set up to block traffic northbound as well. There were also large construction cones set up in the southbound lanes with enough room to allow construction vehicles to leave and enter the area. At the time previously mentioned a vehicle was proceeding northbound on Christina Street and came to a green light at the intersection of Christina Street and Lite Street where the barricades and police officer was present. The officer observed the vehicle enter into the left turn lane and then swerve to enter into the southbound lanes on Christina Street and proceed through the opening left by the barricades for the construction vehicles. The vehicle did not make any attempts to slow down as it proceeded through the barricades into the construction zone. The officer immediately followed the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The twenty three year old female driver was issued a Provincial Offence Notice (ticket) for the charge of careless driving and ($490 fine). Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue and a very serious concern. By not paying attention or simply trying to circumvent road closed signs people are potentially risking the lives of workers, along with their own lives and property. Please obey these signs and barricades. It is not legal to proceed the wrong way through traffic lanes unless directed by either signs or an officer. Constable Giovanni Sottosanti Media Officer Tel: 519-344-8861 Ext 6168 Email:

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