Suspect of Two Break and Enters Injures Officer During Arrest

On June 15, 2019, Sarnia Police were dispatched to the 400 block of Davis Street regarding a suspect who had broken into a residence and may have had a gun.

Shortly after 10:30 pm officers arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant in the matter who advised police he was alerted to the intruder having broken into the residence and had found the suspect in the kitchen area.

The suspect was still in the residence when police arrived on scene and officers noted that it appeared that the suspect was under the influence of some unknown substance. Officers arrested the suspect for break and enter and were able to handcuff him to escort him out of the residence.

As the accused was being escorted out of the residence he became agitated and began to scream and yell. The accused attempted to jam himself against the door to prevent the officers from walking him out to the cruiser. The suspect pushed off a wall sending the officers tumbling down a set of stairs. At this time the suspect began to run from police who gave chase. The accused broke into another residence, while still handcuffed, in the 500 block of Cromwell Street, where with the assistance of further officers, he was taken into custody.

The accused was transported back to the station and held for a bail hearing.

The accused in this matter, Cody Richard Stevenson, 22 years of age, faces two counts of break and enter, one count of resist arrest, one count of escape lawful custody, and two counts of mischief.

During the incident where Stevenson pushed off the wall, sending an officer down the stairs, that officer sustained injuries which included a fractured ankle. Also, as the investigation continued no gun was ever located or believed to be present.

Constable Giovanni Sottosanti

Media Officer

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