Male Arrested at Bayside Mall

Today, July 4, 2019, shortly before 1 PM, Sarnia Police Officers were dealing with a 40 year old male in the Bayside Mall, Sarnia. As an officer approached the male to affect an arrest, the male assaulted the officer. The officer was struck in the face by the male causing bruising to the officer’s face.

The male then ran from police to the Ontario Shared Services Centre within the Bayside Mall. The male locked himself in a bathroom at the Centre. The male told officers he possessed a gun and a knife and threatened to harm himself and officers. The Centre’s staff and visitors were evacuated from the building. Negotiations with the male lasted 90 minutes.

Officers subsequently gained entry to the bathroom where the male was arrested after being tasered by police. The male was taken to the hospital for a Mental Health Assessment.

The incident is still under investigation and charges are pending. There was minor damage to the bathroom.

No gun or knife was found and no other people, officers or civilians were hurt.

Detective Constable Sam Sulaiman

Tel: 519-344-8861 Ext 6132


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