Driver Attempts To Evade Police

On August 29, 2019, at approximately 12:30 am an officer on patrol observed a motorcycle westbound on Confederation Street suddenly turn into a private driveway and turn off the lights to the motorcycle. Further attention was drawn to the officer when he observed the suspect get on top of a ledge belonging to a delivery truck to get in behind the truck that was parked in the driveway. The officer turned his cruiser around to investigate the matter further but by the time the officer returned the individual had left the area.

Other officers were contacted to assist in a search of area and the suspect was located exiting from a backyard on Campbell Street.

As the investigation continued a quantity of suspected methamphetamine was also located along with a “flick” knife (opened easily with centrifugal force) which is a prohibited weapon. It was also determined that the accused was also a prohibited driver along with a number of other infractions.

The accused, Dennis Michael Stuart, 39 years of age, of Wyoming, faces the following charges:

  1. Operation of a motor vehicle while prohibited

  2. Failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking

  3. Possession of a weapon while under a court ordered prohibition

  4. Unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon

  5. Driving while under suspension

  6. Operate a motor vehicle without insurance

  7. Possession of methamphetamine

  8. Driving a motor vehicle not equipped with an approved ignition interlock device while prohibited from doing so.

Stuart was held for a bail hearing.

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