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Bluewater Health Helipad Approved for Night Use

Transport Canada has granted permission for Bluewater Health’s helipad to begin night operations. Following an on-site visit from officials in May, the helipad is operational 24 hours per day, effective immediately.

Bluewater Health first started exploring the helipad project in 2017. Construction was finalized in September 2022, with the helipad receiving certification for day use in November 2022.

Prior to the helipad, Bluewater Health relied on ground emergency medical services (EMS) and the Sarnia Chris Hadfield airport for patient transfers. When a patient is critically ill, every minute saved in transportation drastically increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. For some, this can be a matter of life or death.

In a time when hospitals across the province are experiencing historical pressures, this community resource is proving invaluable.

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