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Charges Laid as a Result of Recent Protests at City Hall

Over the past several weeks the Sarnia Police Service has received a number of complaints, from members of the community, regarding the protests taking place at Sarnia City Hall. These protests stem from the stay at home orders issued by the Province of Ontario. Those individuals in attendance were in defiance of the Reopening Act of Ontario by not staying in their residence unless for essential reasons and to avoid congregating in groups.

These measures were put in place by Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health in an effort to help stop the spread of the Covid 19 virus through all communities and in turn prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

As part of a measured approach, the Sarnia Police Service has attempted to both educate and warn those individuals in attendance. Unfortunately, our officers have been met with resistance and a lack of willingness to comply.

As a result of the ongoing investigations, regarding the protests at Sarnia City Hall, 12 individuals have been identified and were charged under the Reopening Act of Ontario as of today.

Each individual was issued an $880 ticket for their violation on April 24, 2021 and several also received a second ticket for their attendance on April 17, 2021.

The investigation continues with further charges pending the identification of other individuals that were in attendance. The Sarnia Police Service will continue their approach to these protests in a balanced manner in hope that individuals attempt to understand the need to protect everyone in our community. The goal is to avoid the spread of this virus which has taken so much from so many in hopes that everyone can return to a normal way of life soon.

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