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Collision in the Area of Telfer Road and Lakeshore Road

At approximately 8:50 PM, on July 12, 2021, members of the Sarnia Police Service Community Response Division responded to the area of Lakeshore Road and Telfer Road regarding a motor vehicle collision.

Upon arrival officers had observed that a motor vehicle had struck a hydro poll on Lakeshore Road at Huron Shores Drive that was sheared off and that the hydro wires had also fallen to the ground. The area of road was under construction.

As the investigation continued it was determined that the vehicle that struck the hydro pole had also come into contact with another vehicle further to the west, on Lakeshore, prior to striking the hydro pole.

The vehicle that struck the hydro pole had initially struck another car but the occupants of that vehicle did not sustain any injuries and only minor damage to the vehicle.

The 26-year-old male driver of the vehicle that struck the hydro pole was transported to local hospital but later transferred to a London hospital due to the extent and severity of the injuries sustained.

At this time, the Sarnia Service is requesting that if anyone has further information regarding the collisions that they contact Constable Allison Knapp, of the Sarnia Police Service Traffic Unit, at 519-344-8861, extension 6203,

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