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Fentanyl Death Overdoses Continue

Fentanyl continues to be a problem within the City of Sarnia.

Today, the Sarnia Police Service responded to two, separate, suspected Fentanyl overdose deaths within five minutes of one another.  These overdose deaths follow others which have occurred in the past week.

Members of the public are reminded that because Fentanyl is such a powerful opioid, the difference between a dose that will get you high and a dose that will kill you is miniscule.

Addicts are advised to never use in places where help is not within reach, to have a friend with you, and to have a naloxone kit on hand.  

If you suspect an overdose is occurring, call 911 right away!  No amount of cold showers or “walking them around” will help.  If an overdose is not immediately treated, the person can die or sustain brain damage.

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