Impaired Driver Nabbed in Bright’s Grove After Threatening a Teen.

On June 5th, around 7:45 pm, in the lakeside community of Bright’s Grove, numerous people luckily avoided peril as an impaired driver recklessly operated his white Dodge Ram pickup truck through the streets.

At the stop lights of Waterworks and Lakeshore, a motorcyclist, waited for the light to turn green. As he did he was engaged in a conversation with the motorist beside him, luckily, he missed the light turning green. If he had proceeded at green he would have been struck by the truck that barreled through the intersection, oblivious to the red light he just disregarded.

A concerned citizen was also stopped at the light and began to make observations of the truck as it turned into the plaza parking lot and serpentined its way to a parking spot in front of Sissio’s Pizza. The male driver made his way into the store and emerged with a pizza. On his way back to his truck, he stopped and, unprovoked, accosted a teenager in his car as he was waiting for his girlfriend to return. The male made derogatory comments to the teen and ultimately threatened to kill him and take his car. The male then got back in his truck and exited the parking lot.

As he was exiting the parking lot, he drove in a very aggressive manner, almost hitting other cars and pedestrians, weaving around parked cars, spinning his tires, and driving over a curb. The driver then travelled east on Lakeshore Road, touching the gravel with his right tires as he went. At Waterworks, the driver again couldn’t wait for a green light, so he drove onto the shoulder, around stopped cars and made a right turn onto Waterworks.

The driver proceeded south on Waterworks and ultimately east on Michigan. He drove at a high rate of speed, easily doubling the posted speed limits, weaving from lane line to lane line and at times touching the shoulder and the other lanes. He ultimately parked the truck at a residence on Michigan Line. The concerned citizen made professional type observations required to give the responding Sarnia Police officers sufficient grounds to arrest the 37-year-old male driver for impaired operation.

The driver provided a breath sample that was more than double the legal limit. Troy Nordal was ultimately charged with impaired operation, operation while blood alcohol is 80 plus and uttering threats to cause death. He was released from custody with a court date later this summer.

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