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Kevin Marriott Elected 159th Lambton County Warden

Wyoming, ON - Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott has been elected the 159th Warden of Lambton County.

Warden Marriott was elected to the position by his peers on Lambton County Council during this morning's Council meeting. The County Warden is the Head of Council for The Corporation of the County of Lambton.

"I look forward to providing strong leadership for our community through my role as Lambton County Warden," said Warden Marriott. "I am dedicated to working with County Council and staff in handling the challenges and changes we are facing and will continue to face as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I will encourage collaboration and participation from among all of our municipal leaders in order to continue building a bright future for Lambton County."

Warden Marriott, a cash crop farmer, has served on Enniskillen Township Council for the past 26 years, including seven years as Deputy Mayor and the last nine years as Mayor.

Also at this morning's meeting, Point Edward Mayor Bev Hand was elected to the position of Deputy Warden. Deputy Warden Hand joined Point Edward Council in 2006 and has served as Mayor of Point Edward since 2016.

Also of note, Deputy Warden Hand's mother, Barb Horner, served as the first female Warden of Lambton County in 1984.

Kevin Marriot - Warden for County of Lambton


Bev Hand - Deputy Warden for County of Lambton


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