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Lambton College Adds More Programs to Growing Roster of Pathway Agreements

Lambton College is pleased to announce the addition of two new unique pathway agreements that will allow graduates to pursue further education, including the opportunity to study overseas. Pathway agreements give students the benefits of both college and university through a clearly defined partnership pathway, while transfer agreements provide an opportunity for students to transfer to Lambton College from another institution while applying previous credits towards a new program. Lambton College is pleased to have various pathway opportunities in place for students, including exclusive agreements with universities across the country and in some cases, internationally. The latest articulation agreement signed by the College will give graduates of Lambton’s Workplace Safety & Prevention program an opportunity to obtain their Bachelor of Applied Science (Workplace Health & Safety) from Ryerson University. The new agreement will allow graduates of the program who have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their studies to receive a block transfer of up to 18 courses, providing advanced standing towards the four-year degree completion. Additionally, graduates of Lambton’s Sports & Recreation Management, Office Administration – Executive, Office Administration – Health Services, and Business Administration programs now have the chance to enter into the first year of studies for an International Business degree in Finland’s JAMK University. Finland currently boasts the best education system in Europe and 5th in the world. Tuition is free for all EU passport holders. Additionally, Lambton students who choose to pursue their bachelor’s degree via this pathway are eligible to receive a scholarship, which covers 50 percent of the tuition fee in the first academic year. In the following academic years, the scholarship covers 50 percent of the tuition fee if a student earns at least 60 credits per academic year in their bachelor’s program (30 credits per semester), so the cost for Lambton students could be as low as $4,000 Euros for the year. These are just some of the latest agreements put in place to help Lambton College students pursue additional educational credentials. Further information about program-specific pathways, transfer credits, length of pathway programs compared to a college or university-only stream, and the transition between different learning environments is available for those interested.

To learn more about Pathways, Transfer Agreements, graduate opportunities or to book an appointment with a Pathways Consultant, please email Consultations are currently available over the phone or via email. For details on Ontario-specific agreements, students are encouraged to visit During the COVID-19 situation, Lambton’s Enrolment team is still available to assist with the application process, program information, and other questions about confirming and accepting offers. To connect with an Enrolment Advisor via Live Chat go to

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