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More COVID-19 Cases Identified in Sarnia

The Sarnia Primary Control Group met via teleconference on March 31, 2020 at 9:00 am regarding developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We received confirmation that, at that time, the number of deaths connected to the COVID-19 pandemic within the Sarnia-Lambton area remains at 4 and there are now 39 confirmed cases within this area.

Given the rapidly changing situation, we would like to refer concerned community members to the websites for Bluewater Health and for Lambton Public Health for up to date information on the COVID-19 Virus, including the number of active cases within our community:

Blue Water Health:


Lambton Public Health:


As of March 30, 2020, the Province of Ontario has extended the State of Emergency ensuring that all emergency orders issued by the Province that are currently in effect will remain in effect until April 13, 2020. On the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario, effective immediately, the Province also issued new Emergency Orders on March 30, 2020 to close all outdoor recreational amenities including sports fields, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, off-leash dog parks, beaches, skateboard and BMX parks, picnic areas, park shelters, outdoor exercise equipment, condo parks and community gardens.

We will continue to post signage throughout the parks and other recreational amenities to inform members of the community of these closures and City staff are currently working to restrict access to all outdoor facilities and their associated parking lots. In order to continue with our implementation of social distancing measures, starting today, access to local parks will be limited to foot traffic only and access to parking lots will be closed. Please note that People who do not comply with emergency orders issued under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act may be subject to fines of up to $750.

Lambton Public Health has indicated that they have seen a significant increase in the number of reported positive COVID-19 cases due to the clearing of testing back-logs and are currently in the process of tracing individuals who may have been in contact with these patients and will follow up with them directly to confirm appropriate actions that they must take to prevent the further spread of this virus within our community.

Given the confirmed presence of the COVID-19 virus within our community, we remind community members that it is essential that we all do our part to stop the spread of this virus by continuing to adopt safe practices such as social distancing, regularly washing our hands and not touching your faces, keeping a safe distance of at least 2 metres from others and do not gather in groups of more than 5 people as mandated by the Ontario Government.


The City’s Media release issued on March 30, 2020 erroneously indicated that Public Health had made arrangements for their emergency front line staff to have access to alternate accommodations during this pandemic emergency, these arrangements have actually been made by Bluewater Health for their front line emergency staff and we apologize for the error.

If you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with someone who you believe may have been infected, first self-isolate and then use Ontario’s Self-Assessment Tool to see if you need to seek further care.

We would like to reassure members of the public that we are currently continuing to work with our emergency partners to develop enhanced communication protocols to ensure that members of the public continue to have access to the latest up to date information available. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that it remains imperative that you continue to obtain your information regarding COVID-19 from trusted governmental sources such as Lambton Public Health who can be contacted directly at the following coordinates:

· Telephone: (519) 383-8331; or

· Internet:

In order to better coordinate the city’s response to this pandemic emergency, we would like to request that members of the public direct all inquiries to the City of Sarnia’s emergency hotline at 1-877-4-SARNIA (1-877-472-7642) or visit our web site at for updates on the latest information available.

To listen to a detailed listing of City of Sarnia closures and disruptions, you are encouraged to call our City of Sarnia Services Update Line at

226-778-4611 which will be updated daily.

The City will continue to monitor the situation and update the citizens of Sarnia as soon as information is available.

Lambton Public Health Information:

If you are experiencing symptoms and have traveled internationally, please call your health care provider or Lambton Public Health (519-383-8331) or (Please do not call 9-1-1 unless it is an emergency).

The Primary Control Group will continue to meet daily to ensure that all new and relevant information is being taken into consideration going forward. Daily public notifications will be issued. Please visit the City’s website, Facebook, and/or Twitter for updates.

Please continue to utilize the COVID-19 Hotline at 1-877-4-SARNIA (1-877-472-7642) and the City’s website to keep up to date on any and all information pertaining to the city’s current status.

For further information, please contact:

City of Sarnia COVID-19 Hotline

1-877-4-SARNIA (1-877-472-7642) or 519-332-0932

Andrea Lane, Customer Service Manager or 519-332-0330 ext.3231

City of Sarnia, Customer Service or 519-332-0330 ext.3131

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