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Motor Vehicle Collision Damages Hydro Pole

Shortly after 11:15 PM, on April 8, 2021, officers responded to the area of Essex Street and Mitton Street regarding a motor vehicle that had struck a hydro pole.

Fortunately, a witness observed the female driver walking away from the car after the collision occurred and was able to describe the suspect to police.

Due to the description given officers were able to locate the suspect a short distance away.

As officers continued their investigation and spoke to the suspect reasonable grounds were formed to arrest the female for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. She did not sustain any serious injuries during the collision.

The suspect was transported to the Sarnia Police Service Headquarters where she was required to supply suitable samples of breath into an Intoxilyzer Instrument. As a result of the test it was determined that accused had over 80 mg of alcohol in her blood.

The accused in this matter, Asley Wakefield, 35 years of age, of Sarnia, faces one count of being impaired by alcohol and one count of having a blood alcohol concentration of over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. She will also have her licence suspended for 90 days under the ADLS Program.

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