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Oil Museum of Canada Partners with Northern Collegiate on Interactive Display

Oil Springs, ON – Grade 12 Design and Technology students from Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School will be showcasing their creativity and talents by designing an interactive exhibition component for the Oil Museum of Canada, National Historic Site.

The museum is currently closed to the public and undergoing a significant renovation. In addition to the facility renovations, the exhibits and displays will also be taking on a new look. The students of the Design and Technology class at Northern Collegiate will be collaborating as a group to design a family-friendly simple machines interactive display.

“We’ve always felt there were more opportunities to enhance the visitor experience using interactive displays at the Museum,” said Christina Sydorko, Education Program Coordinator with the Oil Museum of Canada. “This is a great opportunity to engage with a pool of creative minds, develop exciting, captivating new concepts, and provide a refreshed experience to our visitors when we reopen.”

Students will work with the Museum over a 3-week period developing preliminary design sketches and concepts, working drawings and a small scale model of their proposed concept. The students' work will be used for construction of the components and brought to life in the exhibition space.

“I am excited to have an opportunity in my design class to demonstrate my skills to a real world client and work as a team in creating a functional product that showcases our talents,” stated Om Patel, student at Northern Collegiate.

“We all benefit by engaging with students through opportunities like this. The Museum is able to improve their interactive offerings to the public, while the students gain valuable and practical experience to take with them into their post-secondary studies,” continued Christina. The new interactive component will be available for the public to enjoy when the Oil Museum re-opens this summer.

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