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Over a $100,000 in Drugs Seized

Members of the Sarnia Police Service Vice Unit entered into a drug investigation involving a suspect from the greater Toronto area who was trafficking large amounts of various drugs into the City of Sarnia.

On May 5, 2020, as part of the ongoing investigation, officers arrested the suspect as he had attended Sarnia to continue the trafficking of drugs in the city. The suspect was pulled over at approximately 6:10 PM while driving in the area of London Line and Blackwell Road. Officers took the suspect into custody without incident.

After a search of the vehicle officers located the following drugs:

  1. 86 grams of cocaine

  2. 6.24 grams of crystal methamphetamine

  3. 233 grams of marihuana

  4. 209.6 grams of fentanyl powder

The total value of drugs seized was approximately $117,919.00.

The accused in this matter, 29-year-old Prince Okyere Asante, of the Greater Toronto area, remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

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