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Public Survey to Guide Development of Community Safety & Well-being Plan

Public Survey to Guide Development of Community Safety & Well-being Plan

Lambton County, ON - A public survey is being launched to assist in the development of a Community Safety & Well-being Plan for Lambton County. The survey will be available online at beginning March 10 and will be open until March 31, 2021.

Information collected from this survey will provide a more complete understanding of the current state of well-being and feelings of safety from Lambton County residents. These results, along with community health status data and information from existing plans and stakeholder groups, will be used to develop a prioritized Community Safety & Well-being Plan for the County. This Plan will help guide the actions of community organizations and stakeholders in setting policies and providing programs and services to improve the quality of life for everyone in the County.

“The opportunity to set priorities for the safety and well-being of Lambton County residents is one that we are strongly endorsing for our community," said Lambton County Warden Kevin Marriott. "We're asking all residents to complete this survey and include your voice in the development of Lambton's Community Safety and Well-being Plan. Your suggestions and opinions will be considered by a variety of community sectors to set actions for the future, and will help guide the creation of a stronger, more welcoming community for all.”

The ultimate goal of the Plan is to achieve a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, and where individuals and families are able to meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income, and social and cultural expression.

Ontario-wide legislation requires that municipalities develop and adopt a Community Safety & Well-being Plan. The Oversight and Advisory Committees developing the Plan for Lambton County include stakeholders from local municipalities and First Nations communities, police services, and other local service providers in health and mental health, education, community and social services, and children and youth services.

Please Contact:

Kevin Marriott Nancy Dubois Warden Project Consultant County of Lambton Community Safety and Well-being Plan Phone: 519-381-6111 Phone: 519-754-7926

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