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Record Store Day Still to Be Celebrated

We are all experiencing a changed way of life these days with a heightened awareness of how we shop and socialize. One thing that has not changed though is the love of music and movies. The world has affirmed over and over how much joy and solace can be found through these arts. Customers at Cheeky Monkey, Sarnia's downtown records and more store is no exception.

In past years, independent record stores around the globe have celebrated with the Annual Record Store Day. This year it will still be celebrated but in a different way and not just one day. Instead, there are going to be three Record Store Day Drops scheduled for Saturday, August 29th, Saturday, September 26th and Saturday, October 24th. The reason for the three 'Drop' dates is to hopefully draw in smaller crowds for each day. They will not be the big events and parties of the previous years, but there will still be the 100's of exclusive limited-edition mostly vinyl records split up over the three RSD Drop dates.

It will also not be the free-for-all rush to get in the door when Cheeky Monkey first opens on these Drop dates. Instead, they will be taking a cue from all the other busy retail stores and letting a limited number of customers in at one time. As one customer leaves, another will be admitted keeping a steady flow coming and going. Like all the other stores, it is wise to remember your social distancing both while waiting outside and once inside the store. Masks are not required but recommended (unless guidelines change). It is also asked that people shop alone, not in couples or with their families along, that no food, drinks, bags or backpacks be brought inside. A table at the front door will have hand sanitizer for everyone to use when they enter. In the spirit of fairness, shoppers will be limited to five RSD Drop exclusives on each date with only one copy of each title.

To help avoid being in a line outside in August when the temperatures could be high, Cheeky Monkey will open earlier in the day. Hours for the August 29th RSD Drop will be 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For any last-minute changes they may need to make in accordance with government regulations, please check blog section. A link to the titles of releases is also available there. Keep in mind, they have signed a pledge with Record Store Day to not take advance orders or hold any exclusives on the date of the Drops. Subscribers to their weekly e-newsletter will be sent a listing of exactly what titles did arrive at Cheeky Monkey after closing the day before the Drops.

It is the hope of Cheeky Monkey, located at 130 Christina Street North, that everyone who comes will enjoy the day, stay safe and find the music or movies that make their life that much more enriched.

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