"Return of the Swans" at Lambton Heritage Museum

Grand Bend, ON - The Tundra Swans have been spotted in the Thedford Bog behind Lambton Heritage Museum, and numbers are expected to continue to rise.

For many Lambton County residents, the beginning of spring is associated with this fascinating migration. The Tundra Swans make an annual stop in this area during their 6,000 kilometer migration loop. In a good year, there may be 15,000 individual birds resting on the bog behind the museum. They are attracted by the melt water of spring and the remnants of the prior year’s corn crop.

To increase your chances of seeing swans, visit returnoftheswans.com for updates and daily estimates of the number of swans in the area. You can also call Lambton Heritage Museum at 519-243-2600 for migration updates.

Although Lambton Heritage Museum remains closed to the public, you can still engage with the Museum online. In addition to offering daily updates on the Return of the Swans webpage, you can also access swan related activities from the comfort of home.

Lambton Heritage Museum is also hosting Virtual Talk: Tundra Swans in Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas on Thursday, March 18 from 7 - 8 p.m. Amanda Bichel joins us from Birds Canada to discuss the important bird and biodiversity areas in Lambton County. She will examine the Tundra Swan migration in Ontario, exploring why they are here, when they come, where to find them, and more. Register online at heritagemuseum.ca.

Follow Lambton Heritage Museum on Facebook and stay tuned for reopening updates and additional online resources.

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