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Sarnia Police Advise of Scam Alert

The Sarnia Police Service recently investigated a fraud involving a scammer attempting to rent a residence over a website for an extremely good price.

The house is actually listed for sale locally but the scammer claims that it is for rent on another website. The victim would contact the suspect and then the suspect would give the victim some story of why they couldn’t meet in person and then pressure the victim to mail or send in the money and in turn the scammer would mail the victim keys to the residence. Of course, no keys would ever be sent.

Fortunately, with this most recent incident, no one lost any money as people took the time to look into the “deal” further.

Please never rent a home or any building if you do not get the opportunity to actually physically meet or verify that the rental of the building is legitimate.

This type of fraud is not new but it has reared its ugly head again.

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