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Sarnia Police Warn of Phone Scam

The Sarnia Police Service is warning the community of yet another scam that is circulating. We have heard that people are receiving calls from the local OLG Office advising them that they had won $450,000 in last night’s lottery; however, in order to collect the money, they have to pay a processing fee.

First of all, the OLG doesn’t have your phone number, so if they are calling you, something is wrong! Secondly, if you won something, you don’t have to pay anything! Unless you specifically signed up for a contest, ignore anyone who calls you congratulating you on winning something, because you didn’t, in fact, you are about to lose…. your money!!!

Under no circumstances should you send money, gift cards, bit coin, credit card information, or cheques to anyone making the request or demand over the telephone unless you have been the one doing the calling. If someone calls you, DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY, even if they threaten you with arrest, or offer additional cash prizes. The only currency you should be spending in these situations are cents, common sense.

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