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Scam Alert

The Sarnia Lambton Court House is currently experiencing a bombardment of calls from individuals, namely from the Ottawa area, but locally as well, regarding a warrant that supposedly exists for their arrest.

The scams are in regard to either taxes not being paid or your SIN being used in a crime.  The phone number being left, if you do not take the call, is 519-333-2950which is the general phone number to the Sarnia Lambton Court House.  Please do not call this number as it is tying up the phone lines.

Unfortunately, these criminals seem to find more and more ways to make everyone’s life that much more difficult.

Please understand that no agency in Canada will call you up and threaten to arrest you unless you pay now and do it over the phone.  Also, if they are asking for you to pay in bitcoin or gift cards please rest assured that it is a scam.

Just hang up and do not give them any information for that is also what they are looking for.  These criminals are requesting personal information, such as your SIN, and in turn will use it to create fraudulent documents such as credit cards.

We ask that you do not call the police if no information or money is lost.

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