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Teenager Charged with Stunt Driving

A 19 year old male from Sarnia has been charged with Stunt Driving.

On February 11th, 2021, shortly after 8:30pm, an officer assigned to the Sarnia Police Service Traffic Division observed a vehicle travelling northbound on Indian Road South near Plank Road at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was clocked on the radar unit at over 130km/h in a 70km/h zone and subsequently pulled over by the officer.

In addition to being charged with Stunt Driving, the vehicle in this case has been impounded with a 7 day hold and Police have also seized his driver’s licence and issued the driver a 7 day licence suspension.

The offence of Stunt Driving is covered under section 172(1) of The Highway Traffic Act and Ontario Regulation 455/07 of the H.T.A. It is not limited to driver’s speeding in excess of 50km/h. Some examples of other high risk driving actions under this section include:

  • All tires not in contact with the highway

  • Cause tire(s) to lose traction

  • Spin or circle vehicle without control

  • Drive with person in trunk

  • Driver not in driver’s seat

  • Prevent another vehicle from passing

  • Driving toward oncoming traffic

  • Stopping or slowing to interfere with another vehicle

  • Driving too close to another vehicle, pedestrian or object

  • Turn left from red light before oncoming traffic

  • Racing (described as a race or contest while performing a stunt, or on a bet or wager)

Upon conviction, the penalty for Stunt Driving includes a gain of 6 demerit points, a fine in the range of $2,000.00 (minimum) - $10,000 (maximum) and/or up to six months in jail. For a first conviction, a driver’s licence can be suspended for up to two years and for subsequent offences, up to ten years. This is in addition to the substantial impound and storage fees and significant increases with respect to insurance premiums. The vehicle is towed and held regardless of who the owner is.

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