Unprovoked Assault

On July 20, 2020, at some time after 5:00 PM, a 77-year-old man was seated on a bench located at the top of Ferry Dock Hill drinking his coffee. At this time a group young people walked by the man.

One of the youth, who was under 16 years of age, slapped the victim on the side of the head for no reason and continued on down the hill.

The victim returned to his vehicle and drove down the hill to speak to the youth who had assaulted him. As the victim rolled down his window to speak to the youth, the accused punched the victim through the open window several times. The victim got out of his car and the youth continued his attack the man with more punches. During the attack the man lost consciousness and fell to the ground, injuring himself further.

Once the victim regained consciousness he was able to get himself home and then to the hospital.

The young offender has since been arrested and charged with assault and assault cause bodily harm. He remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

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