Website Scam

Recently the Sarnia Police Service has received a report regarding a scam involving an individual attempting to re-apply for their Nexus card.

The victim accessed the site, believing it was authentic, and entered his personal information to re-apply for his Nexus card. Upon completing the application payment was required and the site offered payment via Paypal for $140.00.

Unfortunately, it was not till later that the victim realized that paying via Paypal is not the normal format for Nexus. The victim did contact TransUnion and Equifax to flag his name and contacted his credit card company to flag his credit card.

The Sarnia Police Service would like to remind people to please pay attention to the websites accessed and ensure that the proper website address is used. Scammers will create websites to mimic real websites to lure people in. Also, please be careful not to click any of the surrounding advertisements which may forward you to another site that could attempt to scam you.

Once information is shared or money is forwarded to these fake sites it is very difficult, if not next to impossible, to get one’s money back.

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